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Offering representational drawing lessons using a variety of methods, both traditional and non-traditional. Children and Adult Beginners will be introduced to the methods developed by Mona Brookes, artist and author of the best-selling book Drawing With Children, Drawing For Older Children and Teens, A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Too,  and founder of the Monart Drawing Schools. Believing that anyone can learn to draw, regardless of natural born talent, if given the right balance of guided instruction and creative freedom, my classes offer everyone a quiet, safe environment to express themselves. Traditional methods of teaching drawing skills are also explored, including negative space drawing, contour drawing, learning to use a grid, observational drawing and much more! 




Whether you're a 4 year old just starting pre-school, or an older adult who has always wanted to learn how to draw, there is a class for you. Private one-on-one lessons are also available.

Getting Ready Ages 4-6​


Drawing Through the Alphabet

Ages 4-6​


Basic Drawing  Ages 6-9​


Intermediate Drawing Ages 9-13

Teens and Adults


Community Classes


Student Gallery



Social Artworking Classes and Parties






     Philosophy and Methods

Drawing for Everyone classes use the academic-based eduArts Drawing Curriculum designed by Mona Brookes, as well as more traditional methods of teaching drawing skills found in regular beginning level drawing courses. 

The classroom philosophy is as follows:

EVERYONE and ANYONE can learn how to draw REALISTICALLY. Yes, some people are born with artistic talent, but drawing IS A TEACHABLE SUBJECT, just like music, math or reading!

There really is no right or wrong way to do art. Visit an art museum or gallery and you will see all styles imaginable. Some you will love, some, not so much. 

No right or wrong way to do art? Then there are no mistakes. No mistakes? No reason for competition or judgement.

No competition or judgement? No reason to fear ridicule from other students or an overly-critical teacher. Students can come in and draw for themselves, not for the approval of other students or the teacher.

Artists never like all of their work, so don't expect to like all of yours, either. If you draw something you don't like, we can help you make changes or you can start over. No big deal.

It isn't cheating to use reference material when you are trying to draw realistically! Most artists don't draw or paint using just their imagination. I will give you lots of things to look at and show you how to add ideas together to create a totally unique drawing. 


Drawing for Everyone classes are currently only offered privately in my home-based art studio or as six-week sessions for your community-based program, homeschool group, church group, or after-school program. 


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