For confident, older students or terrified adults who...

..."can't draw a straight line" there is a class for you!

If you are a teen and need to get your portfolio ready for art school or college, you can work independently here using my art supplies with instruction and guidance if needed. Maybe your middle school or high school art classes aren't giving you enough drawing instruction. You can learn and practice your three dimensional drawing skills--shape, volume, perspective, shading, and the human figure and face using a variety of media: charcoal, conte, pastels, pen and ink, or anything else you want to try. 

Perhaps you are one of those adults who has always wanted to learn how to draw, but are too intimidated by the thought of signing up for a college-level drawing class. I provide a quiet, safe, non-judgemental setting for you to finally learn how to draw. By starting with the basics, you will learn how to see like an artist--learning to identify the five basic elements of shape and how to transfer what you see onto a flat piece of paper. Once you are comfortable with this, you will progress to three-dimensional drawing, where you will learn to accurately render light and shadows to create the illusion of depth and volume in your subject. 


$60 per month

90 minute class

Classes meet once a week

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